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Paramita strives to facilitate exceptional Teaching resources to deliver quality education in multi-disciplines with multi-dimensional approaches to the Students and emphasize more on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) Education. Paramita strongly believes that the knowledge of beyond academics is equally important for the overall development of a Child along with Academics.

It encourages students to develop knowledge across the streams and acquire complete life skills. Paramita recruits Teachers and other Staff members locally, from neighbouring states and from other parts of the country too. It is to inculcate the diverse cultures and traditions in students, along with Teachers and other Staff members. The focus is also to develop harmony in the working environment of Paramita Schools. Paramita Recruitment drive has a designed process and system for Teacher recruitment. It has a three step “PAR” process – Prospect, Assess and Recommend. PAR is followed for all the Paramita group of Schools which includes IRIS World School and Explorica UPS.Recruitment process starts with sourcing through various channels like internal & external referrals, web hunt, advertisements, professional consultants etc. and arrives with a list of Prospective candidates. The Prospective candidates are assessed by the SME (Subject- Matter Experts) based on the required competencies as per the Campus or Discipline and thereafter recommended to final panel for recruitment.