Vision & Mission

Paramita Envisions

  • Holistic Development through integrated learning
  • To develop “Experiential Learning scope & expression”
  • To establish a voluntary, self-directed, guided & collaborative learning atmosphere
  • To prepare them to fit into an emerging skill world, pluralistic society & global village
  • To help pursue individual interests to embrace career milestones
  • To develop into a full-fledged Project-Based Learning (PBL) school by 2022
  • Adept use of Artificial Intelligence and digital literacy
  • To develop Love, Empathy, Service, Honesty & Integrity

Paramita endeavors to achieve its vision through,

  • Continual professional development initiatives (PDI), right mentoring & scaffolding
  • Designing activities and learning enabling environment with a view to promoting Involvement, Interest & Attention.
  • Enhancing the scope of Exploration & Expansion of Knowledge
  • Designing & Pursuance of unique programs to develop 21st-century skills
  • To cater to learning styles & differential learning profiles.